Our Club

We run traditional martial art classes in Bexhill for kids, teens, and adults. In our classes you can expect to learn self-defence, striking, kicking, joint locking, weapons training and more from qualified instructors.

Benefits of Martial Arts


Learn how to defend yourself with techniques, joint manipulation and striking.

Improve fitness

Martial arts can improve your stamina, strength, flexibility, heart health and lower cholesterol.

meet new people

Martial arts centers around a team environment. You will be working alongside people with the same goals as you, learning and growing together.

Increase your confidence

Practicing, improving, and succeeding at a skill improves self-image and gives participants confidence that they can succeed in other areas and ventures.

Our Classes

At Martial Arts Bexhill we offer a range of classes for a variety of ages.

Beginners are welcome!


Juniors class

Ages 8 - 12. All levels and capabilities are welcome!

Teens & Adults class

Ages 13+. We provide separate classes for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

Front Kick

kids class

Ages 5 - 7. The capacity in these classes is smaller as we aim to have a suitable student-to-instructor ratio to cater to this age group, ensuring each student receives a great opportunity to learn.


Sparring & Weapons

We offer optional sparring & weapons classes (including Nunchuks, Staff and Sword) to all students.

Our Team

Our club is run by trained, DBS checked, passionate instructors who have been training in martial arts for many years. Our mission is to provide excellent training as well as a welcoming and encouraging environment to each and every student.


Chief Instructor

JKN Agne

Deputy Chief

SSKJN Philip

Chief Master

JKN Steve

Senior Instructor

2nd Top Ranking School at the 2023 WKSA European Championships

We see students stay with us for many years...

Start your martial arts journey with us today.

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