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Philip D Holmes 9th Degree Senior Master

Master Philip has studied and practiced martial arts since 1964 and Kuk Sool Won since 1974. To broaden his knowledge and understanding of the martial arts, he has travelled extensively in the UK, Europe, USA and South Korea, and has had the privilege of training directly under the founder of Kuk Sool, Grand Master SUH, IN HYUK. Since the mid-1970s, Master Philip has played a prominent role in helping to establish, develop, teach and promote Kuk Sool in the UK, appearing on national, as well as local TV. In 1989, he was appointed as a Kuk Sool Won UK Chief Instructor by Grandmaster Suh and presently holds the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt.

In 1990, Master Philip graduated from the International College of Oriental Medicine (Bachelor of Acupuncture), and subsequently lectured at the college for several years, serving as Director of Studies 1991-1994. He has been in practice in the East Sussex area of the UK since 1990, with two busy clinics in Bexhill and Eastbourne.

Robin C Holmes 5th Degree Master

PKJN Robin formally started training in martial arts at the age of four and received his 1st Degree Black Belt in 2000 at the age of 12. He was awarded his 4th Degree Assistant Master promotion by Grandmaster SUH, IN HYUK in 2010 and his Master promotion in 2016.

Born into a martial arts family, PKJN Robin has always been highly respected by students and instructors alike for his quiet and unassuming manner and attention to detail when teaching martial arts and as such, has become a role model for many of the younger students.

During 2007, PKJN Robin spent six-months in South Korea, to learn the traditional Korean way of training. Whilst living, training and teaching in South Korea, PKJN Robin took part in several public displays and also featured on South Korean TV. He was also a personal guest of the World Kuk Sool Association’s Chief Master SUH, IN JOO 10th Degree, at the Korean Kuk Sool HQ and a Korean National Testing.

Joe Millen 2nd Degree Instructor/Chief

Agne Novikaite 1st Degree Instructor/Manager

Sam Phyall 3rd Degree Instructor

Perry Hall-Apps 2nd Degree Instructor

 Martial Arts Bexhill
Kuk Sool Won™

32 Western Road

East Sussex
TN40 1DY

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